Jenny Mikesell

User Experience Researcher, Designer, and Strategist

Personal Statement

Humanity is about connecting with one another. I connect with people with intention. From my family to the cashier at the store, meaningful connections make me who I am. My goal is to make people’s lives a little easier by improving their experience through design and research. The process of designing and researching also allows me to become immersed in people’s perspectives and challenges. This is a privilege. My commitment continues to inspire my creative leadership and mentoring abilities. Choosing who to work with and understanding the intention behind the product are important to me.

Brief Summary of My Professional Experience

I learned how to design by hand using Letraset, markers, drawing, and painting. My process still includes designing by hand. My career in Web Design began in 1987, when the internet was still used as a live business card. I helped large financial and insurance companies, such as Manulife and Pioneer, create account access for the first time. Following that, I started my own business and worked with small firms and startups on branding systems for web, digital, and print. It was in 2017 that I learned about companies such as Neilson Norman and IDEO. I was completely enthralled by the concept of redefining design around the user. I had found my new passion. Understanding the user's needs. The idea of engaging with them and testing low-fi prototypes made perfect sense to me. Additionally, gathering data from users and using the data to help define an issue or measure engagement was fascinating. I have always been drawn to social impact projects because of my belief system. The tools we have today make it possible for us to help people in all kinds of situations who are struggling. The capacity to help one another has never been greater, whether it's access to valid data or moving seamlessly through a process. It is imperative for me to do this type of work. It's not a choice I made, but rather a reflection of my own personal beliefs in kindness and humanity.

Below are case studies from 2019 - 2023.

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